For many of us the month of November brings a reminder to our hurried hearts and minds to slow down and consider all that God has done for us. We often sit at the Thanksgiving table and ask one another, “What are you thankful for this year?”

If we’re honest, sometimes it’s easier to think of all the things that have been hard. These last couple years have brought fears, worries, and anxieties to an all-time high for so many. There has been illness, loss of loved ones, family discord, anger, political tensions…. the list of struggles and sorrows could go on. It is good to be honest about the struggles and lament our own brokenness and the brokenness of our world today. It is also good to remember God’s faithfulness. We need both.

We at Sanctuary Inn have sat with many missionaries this last year who were lamenting and grieving – sudden departure from the field, health struggles, team discord, parenting challenges and so much more. Missionaries are just like the rest of us.

It is an honor to also have the chance to help our guests stop and remember God’s goodness to them. Many recognize for the first-time ways in which God redeemed the struggles in their lives; their suffering and heartache was not a waste. He has been growing them while also allowing them to be a part of planting seeds and bringing life and hope through Jesus to those around them.

We are so thankful that you are standing with us in this calling to care for Global Workers. God has provided for our every need through your generous and faithful giving this year. It is a humbling thing to have so many partners in ministry with us who help us keep our doors open for missionaries needing time and space to grieve, remember, and celebrate God’s goodness.

If we were sitting around the table together this Thanksgiving, you would hear our Sanctuary Inn Board and Staff Team thank God for you!

Because of your investment and faithful prayers, we have housed 35 missionary guests in 2021. We have hosted 20 retreats in our Lodge. We have paid off one of our loans for our property and now we’re only $125,000 away from paying our second property loan off. We have increased the salaries for our staff and we have also continued to plan and dream for the future of this place and ministry.

There have been hard challenges this year and there will certainly be more challenges in the coming days and years. Yet, we see the goodness of God in our missionary guests’ lives and through you, for that we give thanks!

With a thankful heart,

Kara Githens and the Sanctuary Inn Team
(Care Coordinator)

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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