How long have you been there?

We officially assumed ownership on April 1st of 2017 but two of our staff members (Steven and Joann) have been living here since December of 2016.

What kind of facilities do you have right now?

We purchased the property with three main structures: the Lodge, the smaller house (The Cottage) and the larger house (The Inn). We put a lot of energy into getting the Cottage “spruced up” so we could start living there: fresh paint, furniture we moved up here, and we had to put in a kitchen. Right now we have nine people living in the Cottage and two people living in the Lodge. We have one apartment available in the Inn, but for the most part the Inn is being prepared for a remodel.

 The Lodge functions as a retreat facility with the capacity to sleep about 40 overnight guests. It has a complete kitchen and dining room where meals can be prepared and served. If you are looking for a facility for a retreat or staff meeting or something similar please contact us. We may be able to meet that need.

The Inn is the larger of the two houses. We are currently working with an architect who is developing plans for a complete renovation. The end result will include small suites or apartments with bathrooms for our families and couples that will come. There is much work to do with plans, permits, and funding. Even so, we are trusting God that we might be able to start that project in Spring of 2018. If you want to know more about how you can give to that project or otherwise be involved, please contact us.

Is the Lodge available to rent for retreats?  
Yes, we have available weekends for churches, ministries, and other like minded organizations to rent our lodge space. If you would like further information about costs, food, etc., please contact Steve@SanctuaryInn.org.

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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