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Sanctuary Inn has a staff that includes cross-cultural workers, counselors, MK’s and TCK’s. On site we offer life coaching and a personal care plan that that is developed between our missionary guests and Kara, our Care Coordinator.

We also offer on site debriefing, pastoral counseling, healing prayer, and restorative manual labor. We often refer to the model used by L’Abri: engaging the head, hands and heart in the healing process.

We have associates who can offer help with language learning and culture acquisition (culturebound.com).

We are able to provide excellent referrals to competent Christian counselors, pastors, educators, physicians, etc., who have a heart for God’s Kingdom workers. It is our hope to assist each individual who comes to Sanctuary Inn for a season to heal, learn, and grow so that he/she can be better equipped for Kingdom purposes.

We have a simple intake process in which we will establish with you a care plan with specific goals to accomplish during your stay at Sanctuary Inn. As part of Sanctuary Inn, you will be expected to have monthly (or if needed, weekly) check-in sessions with our Care Coordinator so as to make sure you are progressing on your goals and getting the care you need. These check-in sessions will be 45-50 minutes in length for adults and, as needed, 30 minutes in length for children or teens.

We want to help you learn the habits of healthy self care: personal Sabbath, balancing family and ministry, learning to care for yourself emotionally, and learning healthy family habits.

At Sanctuary Inn we believe that caring for missionaries is a holy calling. We also believe that we serve the God who heals. We don’t make great claims for ourselves, but we do make great boasts about our God.

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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