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Sanctuary Inn is to be an intentional Christian community to equip,
refresh and restore Global Workers for Kingdom purposes.

At Sanctuary Inn we want to take you where you are, but we want to see you grow in wholeness and heal from brokenness. If you are feeling battered or discouraged, we want you well in every sense of the word.

Sanctuary Inn is a place, but more importantly it is a team of people committed to your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

There are two things about Sanctuary Inn that we believe make it unique in the spectrum of missionary care: extended stay and community based.

Sanctuary Inn is a place where you can come with your family for an extended period of time. There are many places of rest available to missionaries, but many of them have a limited time you can stay. You may need an extended period of time for refreshment or restoration. Sanctuary Inn may be available for an extended stay.

We value privacy but we also value community. We gather for meals and other community times. Ultimately you determine your own schedule, but there are expectations of community living. Our evening meal is designed to be shared together — in the preparation, eating and clean-up.

Sanctuary Inn is community based. We believe strongly that God designed us to live in community and God does amazing things in community. God uses community as a place of healing and building friendships as well as a place of encouragement. You have the privacy of your own room, but we also gather for meals and at other times. You can make the call about what you or your family needs, but there are some expectations of living in community.

When we say “we invite you to unpack”, we have some “unpacking resources” available to you. We have staff who can debrief with you and provide insights into some of you experiences. We have a couple that can lead you in healing prayer to help you process things from your time on the field as well as other life experiences that could be creating unhealthy patterns or responses.

You can minister to Sanctuary Inn by participating in different projects around the property as needed. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the therapeutic nature of manual labor; a significant amount of processing can take place while your hands are busy with a project and your mind is free to think of the things that God is talking with you about.

The purpose of Sanctuary Inn is to be an intentional Christian community to equip, refresh and restore Global Workers for Kingdom purposes.

The vision of Sanctuary Inn is to provide a home in community where God’s global workers can come aside for a time of refreshment, restoration and further equipping so that they can continue to effectively minister in their place of service.

What we believe is unique about Sanctuary Inn is these global workers can step into an existing Christian community where they are cared for. The goal of the time in residence is the restoration of the individual/couple/family to spiritual, physical and emotional health so that they can resume missionary service.

The needs of every missionary, missionary couple or missionary family are different. The healing process from spiritual burnout, emotional trauma or physical trauma is usually not a short-term process. We honor and esteem those persons and organizations that are available for the “intensive care” or “emergency room care” for hurting missionaries but the short stay in the ER may not be sufficient for complete healing. Sanctuary Inn seeks to provide that place where longer term healing can take place.

Everyday there are global workers returning home because of exhaustion, trauma or discouragement. Sanctuary Inn is a group of people who want to serve these global workers by providing a safe shelter where the Holy Spirit has time and space to do His healing work.

We believe that God has called us to open a place that can be part of His healing process. We believe in the healing power of prayer, we believe in the healing power of community and we believe in the healing power of conversation with skilled counselors. We also believe in the therapy of everyday living – life shared with others and conversations around the dinner table.

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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