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There is not a fee to stay at Sanctuary Inn but there is a cost. There is a cost to provide food, shelter, utilities, services, and the other things that will make your stay pleasant. We are making efforts to raise the necessary funds to assist in covering your stay so that personal resources do not keep you from receiving necessary rest and care.

At Sanctuary Inn we don’t want finances to stand between you and being well. Sanctuary Inn seeks support from individuals and churches who share our burden for missionary care. But, these resources don’t cover all the costs of hosting you at Sanctuary Inn.

While you as the missionary (family) may not be able to cover the cost, there may be ways that others can participate with you and with Sanctuary Inn to help cover the costs. Your mission board may have some funds to participate in covering your costs of staying at Sanctuary Inn. It may be that one of your supporting churches (or group of churches) may want to band together to help support you during this time. Additionally you may have a group of friends, a small group, or a Bible study group that might want to participate in the financial expenses of you being at Sanctuary Inn.

Sanctuary Inn has a staff that includes cross-cultural workers, counselors, MK’s, and TCK’s. We do not offer “professional” counseling on site at Sanctuary Inn. We have chosen to have professional counseling happen off site.

On site we can provide pastoral counseling, personal coaching, healing prayer, therapeutic conversations and restorative manual labor. We believe in the model set out by the ministry of L’Abri: engaging the head, hands and heart. Additionally we have associates who can provide language and culture assessments.

We want to help you learn the habits of healthy self care: personal Sabbath, balancing family and ministry, learning to care for yourself emotionally, and learning healthy family habits.

At Sanctuary Inn we believe that caring for missionaries is a holy calling. We also believe that we serve the God who heals. We don’t make great claims for ourselves, but we do make great boasts about our God.

Please download this Sanctuary Inn Application Form, fill it out, and email it to [email protected]. Feel free to call Steve at (503) 564-8012 for any questions.

Sanctuary Inn Staff
We would love to have you!

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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