I was thinking about the great volunteers that have helped at Sanctuary Inn and then I got to thinking about volunteers in the Bible. What instances are there of volunteers? What kinds of things did volunteers do?

My mind went immediately to the construction of the Tabernacle – we know that the people of God gave freely and generously of their resources to construct the Tabernacle and that under the leadership of Bezalel and Oholiab (see Exodus 31) the people crafted the details of the Tabernacle furnishings and curtains and implements. As far as I can tell this entire project was done by volunteers! I guess that if you go by our modern definition of volunteer (a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task) much of what transpires in the Kingdom of God has been and is being done by volunteers.

A big regret on my part is that I have not kept an exhaustive list of all the things done at Sanctuary Inn by volunteers. Looking back I can think of moving furniture, painting, laying new flooring, working on vehicles, helping in the kitchen, cleaning the buildings, washing windows, helping to decorate and stage our events, working in the flowerbeds and helping to build our new patio, setting tile …. This is a short list – but it reminds me of the hundreds of hours that have been donated to the ministry of Sanctuary Inn.

Just as the Israelites worked to build the Tabernacle for God’s glory, they were also working to construct the Tabernacle for everyday use by the priests and the people. At Sanctuary Inn I very much believe that not only are our volunteers working to make Sanctuary Inn a better place for all concerned, they are working so that God is honored and glorified in this place. I cannot even begin to express my thankfulness for all that our volunteers have done. Not only are they doing things we often don’t have the time to do, they are doing things we don’t have the skills to do.

Are you interested in volunteering at Sanctuary Inn? We have created some specific volunteer opportunities for anyone who has the time or interest in volunteering. Every Tuesday, from 10-2 (and we’ll feed you lunch!), we are making space for people to come and volunteer. We also have some volunteer Saturdays on the calendar for the coming year, please see below and click on the button to email your RSVP so we can plan on you for lunch.

Additionally, let me throw out another idea to you: we have a very full schedule of events for 2023, you can check-out our calendar of events. And for every one of these events we need volunteers who will be part of making these events happen. Maybe there is an event that you would want to be part of as a volunteer. These kinds of things range from setting up to decorating to helping in the kitchen to tearing down and cleaning up. Opportunities abound! You can sign-up to help on our volunteer page.

If you have volunteered at Sanctuary Inn please allow me to thank you for your labors. Your work is appreciated and you are valued. This place would not be the same without your selfless gifts.

Thank you for all you do to support the ministry of Sanctuary Inn.

Steve Price for the Sanctuary Inn Team

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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