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Sanctuary Inn - 77 Project

Sanctuary Inn only owes
$17,000 on our property! We are
trusting God to pay it all off.
Would you consider giving a gift
to help make this happen?

Since we know God can do all things, we’re ploughing forward to 2023 encouraged that we could step into the New Year debt free. I’ve personally heard some say, “You know some debt isn’t bad.” And while that may be true, at the end of 2019 we felt a strong push from the Lord to begin paying off our loan. And you know what? He has confirmed time after time that we heard Him loud and clear. So, why are we working so hard toward paying off the property? Because God said to pay off the property.

When our loan is paid off, we can do even greater things. Plant new seeds, gather more resources, and assist with more care for the missionaries we serve. In addition, we are in the process of putting plans together to renovate our facilities so that we can house more guests. At present, we can accommodate 8-12 guests. Our goal is to have capacity for 25-30 guests. This would allow Sanctuary Inn to double or even triple the impact.

With over 300 missionary guests in 5 years we have seen God clearly equipping, refreshing and restoring missionaries to help them better serve in the areas that God has called them to.
Each guest is able to take some time to process their experiences on the mission field, to be poured into through prayer, and community.

As we look towards the end of this year we are expecting to meet our general budget. We are committed to giving anything above and beyond our budgetary needs towards paying off the property. Would you consider giving a gift above and beyond your regular giving to help Sanctuary Inn move forward in serving more guests and seeing more impact for the Kingdom?

Thank you for all that you have already invested in the ministry of Sanctuary Inn. Without your partnership this ploughing, sowing and reaping could not happen. Together we are making an eternal impact.

With gratitude to God for you,

Dan Abbott and The Sanctuary Inn Team

A friend of Sanctuary Inn wrote us a card the other day that said: 


I was just thinking after our talk on how easy would it be to get 1,000 people in Connecticut to donate a one-time gift of $77 to help pay off the loans? 

I believe God will grant the way and include as many as possible. I think we see the bigness of our problems and not the bigger-ness of God. Here’s a check to get the 77 project started. “

We were so encouraged by this supporter’s note! We asked him to share with us why he wants to invest in Sanctuary Inn in this way and he wrote.

“I’d like you to think about why do you go on vacation? It’s to rest. It’s to regroup. It’s maybe to re-energize both physically and spiritually. I have several friends who are missionaries and when they return to the U.S. for a sabbatical they have never taken the time to rest. They are fundraising, meeting with churches, and at events with family and friends. Not much of a vacation, not much soul-care going on. That is why I am blessed to partner with Sanctuary Inn. They have the staff to assist missionaries and pastors to re-energize themselves by having alone time with God as well as participating in discussions for their own spiritual formation. I know I wouldn’t be able to do this well-needed care, but Sanctuary Inn can. That is why I give to support missionaries as they are being cared for before heading back out with the Gospel to care for others. – Jonathan”

Yes, this is why we exist! This is our heartbeat– to provide a place, space, and time for missionaries to be equipped, refreshed and restored so that they can go back out with the Gospel just as Jonathan said.

So we are asking ourselves, “What if…. ?” What if God is as big as He says He is? What if God provided the resources to pay off the loan of Sanctuary Inn in the midst of a pandemic. What if thousands of people came together and gave $77. What if?

Would you consider being a part of the 77 Project to help pay off the loan(s) of Sanctuary Inn? This would enable Sanctuary Inn to better serve our missionary guests. It would open the door for more staff, renovations, and more resources to provide missionary care.

If you would like to be a part of the 77 Project you can complete the following donation form or you can write a check out to Sanctuary Inn and mail it to:

Sanctuary Inn 
PO Box 92037 
Portland, OR 97292

We can’t wait to see what God does!


The Sanctuary Inn Team

Donate to the 77 PROJECT

Would you consider being a part of the 77-Project to help pay off the loan(s) of Sanctuary Inn? This would enable Sanctuary Inn to better serve our missionary guests. It would open the door for more staff, renovations, and more resources to provide missionary care.

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