Antioch Revisited: Reuniting the Church with Her Mission by Tom Julien

Antioch Revisited: Reuniting the Church with Her Mission

A fictional but true-to-life story of a missionary "John" and how he comes to the ministry-changing conclusion: "Missions is not what the church does for the missionary but through the missionary." The book also includes a manual and four-part plan for church missions committees or individuals.
Formats: Paperback
Publisher: BMH Books (September 1, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 119 pages
ISBN-10: 884693066
ISBN-13: 978-0884693062
Keywords: Church Missions

Disclaimer: These titles are suggestions of resources gathered over the years at past Care Connexion conferences and from the care provided through Sanctuary Inn. The views expressed in these resources do not necessarily represent that of Sanctuary Inn or those connected with Sanctuary Inn nor are they intended to be an endorsement. We hope these books are a blessing to you in your work serving God’s global servants.

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