What is Missionary Care?

Season: 5 Episode: 1

Dr. Laura Mae Gardner, a pioneer and expert in Missionary Care shares some of the key distinctives of effective care.

About Dr. Laura Mae Gardner

Dr. Laura Mae Gardner
I have served in WBT and SIL International for 60+ years, most of that time with my husband, Dick. My contributions or roles included: translator, candidate assessment, trainer, counselor, developer and director of International Counseling Department, creator of Member Care for missions, International Vice President For Personnel, and International Personnel Consultant and Trainer. I have traveled, trained and consulted in 65 countries, done a lot of crisis work, interventions and debriefing. I am also an author including the book Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross Cultural Ministry which has now been translated into Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Ukranian and Russian. I co-authored with Dr. Lois Dodds the three-volume series on Global Servants. Other writings include chapters in books, and probably 500 articles. I have a theological diploma, two undergraduate degrees and two advanced degrees, including a doctorate from Denver Seminary. I am an adjunct professor at Columbia International University. I have served on a number of boards. My husband, Dick, preceded me to heaven a few months ago thus I continue on alone reading, speaking, teaching, consulting, and serving as requested.


Global Member Care Vol 1 by Kelly O'DonnellGlobal Member Care: Vol 2*: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity by Kelly O'Donnell & Michele Lewis O’DonnellDoing Member Care Well*: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World (Globalization of Mission) by Kelly O'DonnellGlobal Servants Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 1 Formation and Development of These Heroes by Lois Dodds & Laura GardnerGlobal Servants Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 2: 12 Factors in Effectiveness and Longevity by Lois Dodds & Laura GardnerGlobal Servants Cross-Cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 3 The Art & Heart of Agency Care by Lois DoddsHealthy, Resilient, & Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry: Electronic Version by Laura Mae Gardner

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