Sending Church Care

Season: 2 Episode: 6

Brian Heerwagen, the Missions Pastor of Montavilla Baptist Church for over two decades, shares his passion and practical tools for growing your church’s heart and connection to Global Missions and the missionaries your church supports.

About Brian Heerwagen

Brian Heerwagen, the Missions Pastor of Montavilla Baptist Church
Brian’s first short-term mission (STM) was in 1980. He has been the CEO of Standards of Excellence - SOE (formerly Delta Ministries) since 1985 and has been on countless short-term ministries and partnered with nationals and long-term missionaries in 29 countries. He has a degree in Business and Organizational Leadership. He is the lead author on the collaborative work for “The Next Mile” with more than 30,000 books sold and was part of the national leadership movement that wrote and established the Standards of Excellence in short-term missions. He has been the Missions Pastor at Montavilla Church in Portland, Oregon since 1997. Brian and Lorraine were married in 1986 and they have three grown and married children and five grandkids.


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