A Missionary Care Pioneer

Season: 1 Episode: 6

Dr. Barney Davis shares a bit of his journey and lifework as a Psychiatrist and Missionary Care Provider for the last 30 years. He shares his insight on missions, mental illness, and how we can strive for health.

About Dr. Barney Davis

Dr. Barney Davis
Dr. Barney Davis is a psychiatrist, who along with his wife, Karen, a registered nurse (deceased), served as founders of the Godspeed Resources team. Their passion for providing medical and counseling consultations on the field for intercultural workers took them to many locations around the world. A graduate of Texas-based undergraduate, medical, and postgraduate institutions, he practiced general psychiatry in Texas and Maryland before taking on the directorship of Godspeed from 1998 through 2009. Currently, Barney serves as a Clinical Associate at Godspeed Resources. https://www.godspeedresources.org/

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