Flashback with me to November of 2016. We had just received the official word that the property that is now the home of Sanctuary Inn was officially ours! It was a very exciting day! We had been waiting several months and knew it was only a matter of time. (We celebrate our “birthday” in April because it took that long to get all of the final documents recorded and legally filed.)

Joann and I were here on the property when we got the phone call – you can watch the brief video.

We were so excited when we got the phone call that Sanctuary Inn officially had a home!

Now the work of moving in could begin. I am not sure what Joann and I were thinking – that the two of us could do all of the moving, unpacking, painting, updating – all by ourselves! What were we thinking?

From the very first God provided the people we needed. He provided volunteers who were excited about what was happening, about the vision for this place and they were excited about stepping in to help out. People to pack and move furnishings and dishes and STUFF from Portland to our location in Welches. People who painted and changed out old doors for new doors, people who set up furniture and beds and tables and chairs – there was so much to do.

Volunteer prepping one of the rooms for guests.

The provision of volunteers has not stopped. I can’t tell you how many times we have needed someone to do something very specific (completely outside of our skill set) and God brought that person to Sanctuary Inn who could do that very thing.

Tile work, painting, laying floors, building a laundry room, gardening, cutting wood, stacking wood, building a new patio, cleaning bathrooms (and every other room), doing laundry, installing equipment, repairing vehicles, fixing broken lawn equipment, staffing events, doing dishes (and more dishes), decorating, fixing a broken water pipe (and broken septic lines!) – these are just a few things that volunteers have done for Sanctuary Inn. I think I could spend the day listing jobs that have been done by people willing to lend a hand.

Installing new lighting
Splitting fire wood

Team of volunteers sprucing up the grounds.

It is this sacred partnership that God has used to accomplish so much at Sanctuary Inn. Do you ever think about volunteering at Sanctuary Inn? Maybe you have a small group that wants to do a service project – there is a place for you to come and to serve those God brings for rest at Sanctuary Inn. Because ultimately we do all of these jobs so that our guests will have the best experience possible and they will experience the grace of God through the willing hands of many.

This season of Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful for all the things that have been accomplished here at Sanctuary Inn through the willing hearts and hands of so many. Thank you for your partnership with Sanctuary Inn through praying, giving and volunteering.

Happy Thanksgiving!
-Steven Price and the Sanctuary Inn Team

Patio project
Patio project

Patio project
Patio project

Because of the diligence and perseverance of Dan, Steve, faithful volunteers and even lodge guests who lent a hand we are nearing the finish line on this big patio project. Thank you to all who helped!

Cornerstone Church middle school youth group helped raise the money for this patio project. What an incredible gift and awesome kids!

Cornerstone Church middle school youth group helped raise the money for this patio project. What an incredible gift and awesome kids!

Steven and Joann Price - Innkeepers and Visionaries

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